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Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smell Like Vomit-The Best Solution

If you’ve ever noticed a foul Vacuum Cleaner Smell Like Vomit from your vacuum, you’re not alone. Bad breath can be both strange and unpleasant. It makes you wonder how it ended up in your cleaning routine. Don’t be afraid! Because we’re here to set the record straight. Also, if you are facing the same problem as me, don’t worry because I will tell you the solution.

In fact, there are many reasons why vacuum cleaner smell like vomit. For example, if dirt accumulates, the belt is damaged or burned, or something is wet.

However, today we will explain why your vacuum cleaner smells like vomit. At the same time, we will tell you more about its solution. So let’s start!

First, we will understand the unpleasant smell.

Understanding The Unpleasant Smell

Understanding The Unpleasant Smell

Understanding what’s causing this unpleasant smell is essential for keeping your home clean. A vacuum cleaner is a household appliance designed to keep our homes clean and free of dust, dirt, and debris. But, there are instances when these machines emit an unpleasant smell.

This problem can not only be annoying, but it can also make the room feel less clean and fresh than it should. To solve this problem vomit smell from your vacuum, you need to figure out what might be causing your vacuum cleaner to smell like vomit.

Now we will discover the possible causes of the smell, like vomit in the vacuum cleaner.

Possible Causes of Vomit-Like Smell in Vacuum Cleaners

Possible Causes of Vomit-Like Smell in Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum may smell like vomit without you realizing it. You might have to figure out why your vacuum stinks so much. There are a few reasons why vomit smells. We have discussed below.

Clogged Filters And Dirty Dust Bags

One of the most common reasons for a foul smell in vacuum cleaners is clogged filters and dirty dust bags. Over time, as you vacuum up dirt, dust, and other particles, these contaminants accumulate in the filters. If they aren’t cleaned for a long time, they can give off a foul smell that smells like vomit.

Accumulated Dirt And Debris

A buildup of dirt and waste inside the vacuum is another thing that could be causing the smell. If the trash isn’t taken out often enough, the dirt and trash can break down and make smelly gases that give off a bad smell.

Mould And Mildew Growth

Moisture can accumulate in various parts of a vacuum cleaner. Such as the dust bag or the hose, providing a suitable environment for mold and mildew growth. These fungi give off a strong, musty smell. Sometimes people think it smells like vomit.

Pet Hair And Dander Buildup

If you have dogs in your home, the vacuum cleaner can fill up with their hair and dander. This buildup can lead to a bad smell over time. Especially when the vacuum cleaner is not properly cleaned or maintained.

Bacterial Growth

Vacuums can harbour bacteria, particularly when they come into contact with organic matter. The presence of bacteria can result in a foul smell reminiscent of vomit.

Now we know what causes the vomit-like smell in your vacuum cleaners. Next, you should know about effective solutions to eliminate the smell.

Effective Solutions To Eliminate The Smell

Following are the practical solutions to get rid of the vomit-like smell

Regularly Clean and Replace Filters

Regularly Clean and Replace Filters

To prevent unpleasant smells in cleaners, make it a habit to clean or replace the filters every day. Maintenance should be done according to what the maker says. As well as making sure the filters are dry before putting them back in,

Keep the Vacuum Clean and Dry

Maintaining cleanliness and dryness in your vacuum cleaner is crucial. Empty the dustbin or dust bag and clean it to keep dust and germs from building up in the vacuum cleaner’s inner parts. Before storing the vacuum cleaner, make sure it is totally dry. Because if it is kept before drying, it may smell like vomit.

Vacuum Regularly and Thoroughly

Vacuuming frequently and thoroughly may stop the buildup of dirt, trash, and odors. Pay close attention to places with a lot of traffic, corners, and upholstery where dirt collects. Regular cleaning helps keep things clean and fresh.

Store the Vacuum Properly

Store the Vacuum Properly

Proper storage of the vacuum cleaner is essential to prevent odours like vomit and to maintain its longevity. Keep your vacuum in a clean, dry place that isn’t near water or places with high temperatures. It helps prevent mould, mildew, and other odour-causing problems.

Address Spills and Stains Promptly

In case of spills or stains on carpet or upholstery, address them immediately. Clean up the mess and don’t clean the area until it’s dry. This is so that the smell doesn’t spread and the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get broken.

We have learned the Top 3 Solutions for Odor Removal from a Bagless Vacuum.

Top 3 Ways to Fix a Bagless Vacuum That Smells Bad

If your bagless vacuum has a bad smell, here are three ways to fix the problem:

Solution 1: Clean The Dustbin And The Filters

Over time, dust, dirt, and other debris can build up in your bagless vacuum’s filtration and trash. Making it smell not good. To fix this:

  • Empty the dirt bucket on the cleaner.
  • If your cleaner has brushes, take them out.
  • Use soap and water to clean the pores, and then let them dry.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the trash can.
  • Put the dry filters back in and put the cleaner back together.

Solution 2: Look For Blocked Drains

Clogs in the vacuum’s tubes, brushes, or other parts can make it smell bad and hard for air to flow through. How to fix it:

  • Turn off the machine and pull the plug.
  • Check to see if anything is in the way of the hoses or brushes.
  • Use a long item, like a straighter coat hanger, to gently remove any blocks.
  • Clean the places where the clogs were.
  • Put everything back where it belongs and start the vacuum.

Solution 3: Make The Vacuum Smell Better.

You can use simple methods to get rid of leftover smells and keep your vacuum smelling fresh:

  • Put a little baking soda or carpet deodorizer in the jar with the dirt.
  • Place a sheet of scented cloth or a cotton ball with a few drops of essential oil in the jar of dirt.
  • Use a cleaner that has an odor screen.
  • Keep the vacuum in a clean, dry place when not in use.

If your Bagless vacuum has a bad smell, you should be able to get rid of it by doing these simple things.

From the above discussion, you know how to get rid of the vomit smell. Now we’ll tell you how to maintain a fresh-smelling vacuum cleaner.

Maintaining a Fresh-Smelling Vacuum Cleaner

Maintaining a Fresh-Smelling Vacuum Cleaner

Below are some steps to maintain a fresh-smelling vacuum cleaner. I hope you find these tips helpful.

Cleaning the Vacuum Cleaner’s Brush Roll and Nozzle

When you clean the vacuum’s brush roll and tip regularly, it can help eliminate smells that stick around. Remove any trapped debris or hair, and use a mild cleaning solution to sanitize these parts. Ensure they are completely dry before reassembling.

Using Deodorizing Agents

Using deodorizing agents can help neutralize unpleasant smells in your vacuum cleaner. Baking soda is a popular natural deodorizer. Sprinkle it on the carpet or upholstery before vacuuming to absorb odours. Additionally, there are commercial deodorizing products available specifically for vacuum cleaners.

Professional Cleaning or Repair Services

If the smell doesn’t go away no matter what you do, you should call a professional cleaning or repair service. Because professionals can thoroughly clean and sanitize your vacuum. Also, they ensure that all potential smell sources are addressed.

Now, we’ll answer some of the most-asked questions about why your vacuum cleaner smells like vomit.

F.A.Q.s On Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smell Like Vomit

How Do I Clean The Smell Out Of My Vacuum Cleaner? 

Keep the trash clean and clear to eliminate the smell in your vacuum. As needed, change or clean the filters. You may also employ baking soda, essential oils, or vacuum deodorizer items to eliminate smells inside the vacuum and make it smell better.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Sour Milk?

 If your vacuum smells sour, it could be because dirt, debris, and moisture have gotten stuck inside. When these things come together, germs can grow and smell bad. This smell can be gone with regular vacuuming, good upkeep, and deodorizing.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Funny? 

If your vacuum smells strange, it could be because the filters are jammed, the trash is dirty, or something is stuck inside. It could also be that the motor of the vacuum is too hot. Cleaning the trash, dumping it, and changing or cleaning the air filters can solve this problem. If the smell doesn’t disappear, look for motor problems with the cleaner.

Video On Effective Solutions To Eliminate The Smell

Finally, there’s going to be a conclusion.


In short, make sure your vacuum cleaner smell like vomit. There’s a good reason for it. Hidden pet hair, forgotten food bits, and ignored screens can all work together to make a nasty surprise.

You can solve this stinky problem, which is good news. Maintenance is the star here. Cleanse your filters and remove the trash to remove any dust or dirt that might be hiding. Doing this gives your vacuum a fresh start and keeps your area cleaner and more pleasant.

Remember that this strange problem is an excellent reminder to take care of our cleaning tools. When avoiding stinky shocks, a little maintenance goes a long way.

So, when the smell returns, you’ll know how to deal with it. You can make your home smell nice and have fresh air with just a few care steps. This turns your cleaning routine into a mission to save fragrances.

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