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How To Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Good – Stop Smelling

A vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping our homes clean and tidy. But over time, vacuum cleaners can produce unpleasant scents. That can spread throughout the house while in use. To maintain a fresh-smelling home and prevent the spread of unpleasant odors. Making your vacuum cleaner smell pleasant is crucial. Consider finding a way to make your vacuum cleaner smell. Don’t worry! This post will totally guide you!

You will learn How To Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Good from this article. Also, you’ll be aware of what you’ll need and what makes a vacuum smell unpleasant. At the end, you will learn some special FAQs and tips. So let’s get started!

First of all, you should know the importance of maintaining a fresh-smelling vacuum cleaner.

Importance Of Maintaining A Fresh-Smelling Vacuum Cleaner

A fresh-smelling vacuum cleaner not only ensures a pleasant cleaning experience. But also helps to Drop unwanted odors in your home. When a vacuum cleaner emits an unpleasant smell, it does so because of the particular reason it gets stuck in the machine. Below, we will discuss some signs. By addressing this issue, you can improve the air quality in your home. As well as you can create a more inviting environment.

What Causes Of A Bad Smell From A Vacuum Cleaner

Burnt Belt

Vacuum cleaners use belts to drive the brush roll. If the belt gets worn out or becomes loose, it may start slipping, generating a burning smell. In such cases, the belt may need to be replaced.


Moisture or high humidity can create an environment suitable for mold growth inside the vacuum. If the vacuum cleaner has been exposed to moisture or if the dustbin or filters are not adequately dried after cleaning. Mold can develop and produce a foul smell. Proper cleaning and drying are necessary to prevent mold growth.

Mechanical Fault

Specific mechanical faults in the vacuum cleaner can result in unusual smells. The best course of action for repairs is to see a professional if you believe there is a mechanical issue.

Pet Dander and Hair

If you have pets, their dander and hair can accumulate inside the vacuum cleaner. This buildup can cause odors over time. Especially if the vacuum’s filtration system is poor or if the filters aren’t cleaned or changed.

Blocked Filters

Fine particles are captured by filters in vacuums to stop them from recirculating into the air. If these filters become clogged or dirty, airflow can be restricted, leading to a decline in performance and a potential odor. Regular filter maintenance is essential to preventing this issue.

Next, we will know what things you need to clean your vacuum.

What Things You Need To Clean Your Vacuum

What Things You Need To Vacuum Cleaner Smell Good

  • Soft brush or cloth
  • Mild detergent or cleaning solution
  • Water
  • A toothbrush or small cleaning brush
  • Compressed air or vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Replacement filters or bags (if applicable)
  • Lubricant (optional)

By now, you probably know why vacuums smell. Now we will tell you how to prevent your vacuum cleaner from smelling bad.

How To Stop Your Vacuum Cleaner From Bad Smelling

Step 1: Cleaning the Vacuum Filter

Cleaning the Vacuum Filter

One of the main culprits behind a smelly vacuum cleaner is a dirty or clogged filter. The filter prevents dust and particles from being pumped back into the air by trapping them. But, over time, the filter can become dirty and emit odors. Clean the vacuum filter or replace it as the manufacturer advises, to avoid this. This will not only help reduce odors but also ensure the best performance.

Step 2: Using Scented Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Scented vacuum bags add a pleasant aroma to cleaning. These bags have different aromas embedded within them, such as lavender, citrus, or fresh linen. As you vacuum, the air passing through the bag picks up the scent, leaving a fresh aroma in your home. Simply replace the bag when necessary and enjoy the added freshness.

Step 3: Adding Essential Oils to the Vacuum Cleaner

Another effective way to make your vacuum smell better is to use essential oils. Several drops of your preferred essential oil can be applied to a cotton ball or tissue. Also, put it inside the vacuum cleaner bag or dust canister. As the vacuum cleaner works, the air passing through it will carry the aroma of essential oils. It will even spread a pleasant aroma in your home. Experiment with different scents to find one you like.

Step 4: Vacuuming Baking Soda

A useful home product recognized for its odor-absorbing abilities is baking soda. Remember to sprinkle baking soda on carpets or rugs before you vacuum. The resulting fibers will help neutralize any unpleasant odors. Vacuum as normal after letting the baking soda settle for a few minutes to absorb the odor. This simple trick will keep your carpets smelling fresh and clean.

Step 5: Cleaning the Brush Roll and Attachments

Cleaning the Brush Roll and Attachments

Over time, debris and hair can accumulate on your vacuum’s brush roll and attachments. As a result, it leads to unpleasant smells. Regularly clean these components to prevent odor buildup. Remove any hair or tangled fibers from the brush roll and wash the attachments with mild soap and water. Before reattaching them to the vacuum, make sure they are dry.

Step 6: Regular emptying of the dust canister

A fully or partially filled dust canister can contribute to an unpleasant odor in the vacuum. Make a habit of emptying the dust canister after each use. Put gathered trash in a sealed bag before disposing of it to keep smells from escaping. This simple maintenance task will keep your vacuum cleaner smelling good.

Step 7: Storing vacuum cleaners properly

Storing vacuum cleaners properly

Proper storage of your vacuum cleaner is crucial to maintaining its freshness. When not in use, store the vacuum cleaner in a clean and dry place. Avoid storing it in humid places. This is because it can cause the growth of mold and mildew, which results in unpleasant odors. Additionally, ensure that all attachments are saved. As well as being kept clean to prevent any potential odor transfer.

Now we will know additional tips for a fresh-smelling home.

Some Special Tips For A Fresh-Smelling Home

Some Special Tips For A Fresh-Smelling Home

  • Open windows frequently to let fresh air in and get rid of any lingering scents.
  • Vacuum high-traffic areas and pet-prone areas more frequently to prevent odor buildup.
  • Use carpet deodorizers or fabric sprays specifically designed to eliminate odors.
  • Maintain a clean, clutter-free environment to lessen the likelihood of scents becoming stuck in the vacuum.

Now we will know some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Often Should I Clean or Replace the Vacuum Filter?

It depends on usage and the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Every 1-3 months, it is advised to clean or replace the vacuum filter.

Can I Use Any Essential Oil In My Vacuum Cleaner?

You may use any essential oil of your choosing, really. But it’s ideal to utilize premium essential oils and stay away from artificial perfumes.

How Long Should I Leave Baking Soda On My Carpets Before Vacuums

Leave the baking soda on your carpets for at least 15–20 minutes to allow it to absorb odors.


You now know How To Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Good. Maintaining a fresh-smelling vacuum cleaner is essential for a clean and inviting home. You can drop unpleasant odors by following the tips and tricks described in this article.

  • Remember to clean the vacuum filter.
  • Use scented vacuum cleaner bags.
  • Add essential oil
  • Vacuum baking soda and clean brush rolls and attachments.
  • And store the vacuum cleaner properly.

With these simple steps, you can ensure a fresh and pleasant atmosphere every time you use your vacuum cleaner.

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