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How do I only use my Bissell CrossWave vacuum – Expert Guide

The Bissell CrossWave Vacuum cleaner is an excellent cleaning equipment that is both effective and flexible. It makes cleaning easy because it can vacuum and wash your floors.

This excellent tool isn’t just a regular vacuum—it’s a vacuum and a mop in one, which means you have less work to do and floors that look better. But you might need to know a few things to get the most out of it.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. Whether you got your CrossWave or have been using it for a while, this guide will show you how to get the most out of it. We talk about everything, from setting it up to getting it ready to clean up different kinds of messes.

This detailed guide will help you figure out how to use your Bissell CrossWave vacuum, from knowing how it works to fixing everyday problems.

At first, we learned the basics of using a Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner.

How To Just Vacuum With The Bissell Crosswave

It’s easy to use the Bissell CrossWave to clean. Ensure the equipment is assembled and free of contaminated water before proceeding. Could you turn it on and plug it in? Choose the mode for vacuuming, and then move it across your floors.

It picks up dirt and other things like a pro. You don’t have to do anything special—move it around, and your floors will be better. Very easy, right?

So, we’ve solved the mystery of Why Won’t My Crosswave Vacuum.

Why Is My Crosswave Not Vacuuming?

Relax if your CrossWave doesn’t work the way it should. Together, let’s find it out. First, ensure the dirty water tank is empty and in the right place. It won’t work well if it’s complete. Then, once you turn it on, check to see if the brush roll is moving.

If not, a thing might be trapped. Could you clean it? Ensure the water tank is tight and the vacuum mode is on. If the filter isn’t working, you should clean it or get a new one. Your CrossWave should make things easier, so a quick check usually does the job.

Here, we’ll take a look at ten tricks for making the most of your Bissell Crosswave vacuum.

10 Tips For Using Bissell Crosswave Vacuum Cleaning

Read The Manual

The user guidebook for your Bissell CrossWave has essential details about its features, duties, and how to keep it in good shape. You will learn how to use the vacuum cleaner well and avoid problems by reading the instructions.

Prepare The Area

Clear out the place you want to clean before you use the CrossWave. Remove any big objects, toys, or trash from the floor so they don’t get stuck in the brush roll or get in the way of cleaning.

Vacuum Before Wet Cleaning

Before you clean with water, you must dry-vacuum the surface to remove loose dirt, dust, and other debris. This gets the area ready for the wet cleaning process. The cleaning solution will work better if there isn’t too much dirt.

Pick The Right Cleansing Product

Most of the time, Bissell makes cleaning products that work best with the CrossWave. The recommended method keeps the machine running well and from getting clogged. And then cleans well without hurting surfaces.

Fill The Clean Water Tank

Follow the instructions in the guidebook for how to fill the clean water tank. Most of the time, clean water and the right cleaning product are mixed. Refrain from filling because it could cause spills or stop the machine from working.

Set Multi-Surface Options

The CrossWave has multi-surface choices that let you change the settings according to the type of floor you’re cleaning, such as tile, hardwood, or carpet. Choosing the right spot ensures the right amount of water and cleaner is used to clean the surface without hurting it.

Empty The Dirty Water Tank

When you are cleaning, check the dirty water tank often and empty it when you need to. When the tank is complete, the machine has less sucking power and doesn’t clean either. It helps the CrossWave keep working well when you open it often.

Clean The Brush Roll

Over time, hair, fibers, and other things can get stuck in the brush roll, making it less effective. Remove any knotted debris and clean the brush roll often to keep it working well to stir up dirt and lift it off surfaces.

Keep Up With Maintenance.

Follow the upkeep plan that is in the instructions. This could mean cleaning or changing the filters, ensuring the cleaner isn’t clogged, and ensuring all of its parts are in good shape. Your CrossWave will last longer if you take care of it.

Keep Somewhere Dry

After using the CrossWave, ensure every part is clean and dry before putting it away somewhere cool and dry. Taking care of the vacuum cleaner keeps mold, rust, and other problems from hurting its function over time.

Bissell CrossWave Issues, We Can Fix Them

Bissell CrossWave Troubleshooting

Here are five usual problems with the Bissell CrossWave and possible ways to fix them:

No Power Or Unit Not Turning On


  • Plug the power wire into a working socket securely.
  • If the problem continues, ensure the power switch is in the “On” position. If the unit still doesn’t turn on, there could be a problem with the power line or one of the parts inside the unit.
  • Contact Bissell’s customer service for more help.

Low Suction Or Poor Cleaning Performance


  • Verify whether the soiled water storage tank is full and in need of emptying and cleaning.
  • Make sure there is sufficient water and cleaner in the freshwater tank.
  • Check to see if the brush roll is free of dirt or hair, as a jammed brush roll can make it hard to get good pressure. The filter may be unclean and in need of cleaning or replacement if the issue persists.
  • Please read the user instructions to find out how to keep it in good shape.

Brush Roll Not Spinning


  • If the brush roll isn’t turning, ensure the equipment is angled enough for the registration to work.
  • If it still doesn’t work, turn off the machine, unplug it, and check the brush roll for any hair, dirt, or other things that might be blocking it.
  • When it needs it, clean the brush roll. If the problem continues, the belt that turns the brush roll may be broken and need replacing.

Leaking Clean Or Dirty Water


  • Ensure the clean water tank is locked and the cap is on correctly.
  • Ensure the dirty water tank sits right and the rubber seal remains. If there is a leak, check the tanks for damage such as cracks.
  • To find the source of the leak, examine all of the hoses and connections for signs of deterioration or damage.

Unit Leaving Streaks Or Not Drying Properly

Solution: If the machine leaves lines, ensure it goes regularly and doesn’t stay in one spot for too long. If the floor isn’t drying right, ensure you’re using only a little water and, if possible, change the water’s pressure options. You can also use a lesser amount of water or cleaner when you use the machine. After washing the floor, having it dry in the fresh air for a few minutes can help with streaks and drying problems.

F.A.Q.s On Use Bissell CrossWave vacuum

Can The Bissell Crosswave Be Used As A Dry Vacuum?

Yes, for sure! The Bissell CrossWave is both a dry vacuum and a wet cleaner, which makes it a flexible cleaning tool.

Can The Bissell Crosswave Be Used As A Wet Vacuum?

Yes, really. The CrossWave is a time- and labor-saving device since it can wash and vacuum your floors in one motion.

Can You Use The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro As Just A Vacuum?

The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro is great for sucking up pet hair and other trash, making it an excellent stand-alone vacuum.

How To Use Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max?

The Cordless Max is easy to use, just like the regular CrossWave. Ensure it’s charged, fill the tanks, choose the settings, and start cleaning.

How To Use Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro?

To use the CrossWave Pet Pro, you need to set up the area, change the settings, and then let it vacuum and wash simultaneously to get a good clean.

In The End,

Lastly, learning to use your Bissell CrossWave cleaner well makes cleaning quick and easy. You can get the most out of this handy device by implementing the steps and tips below. Remember to do periodic upkeep and fixing, and you’ll have floors that are easy to clean and look great.

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